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  •  Land Acknowledgement

    We, the founders of Transformative Counselling and Coaching respectfully acknowledge that we live, work, and raise our family on the unceded traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən (lay-kwung-gen) peoples represented by the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and the W̱SÁNEĆ (weh-saanich) peoples represented by the Tsartlip (Sart-Lip), Pauquachin (Paw-Qua-Chin), Tsawout (Say-Out), Tseycum (Sigh-Come) and Malahat (Mal-a-hat) Nations.

  • We work with individuals and couples.


    Family work welcome.

    In our family support we take a secure attachment, child honouring approach.


    Linda and Jacob support you in finding, and expressing

    your authentic self in all areas of your life!


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  • About Linda & Jacob


    Counselling and Coaching

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    Linda Duarte has over 25 years of experience as a therapist.

    Registered Clinical Counsellor RCC # 13570


    She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Along with traditional counselling approaches she has helped clients achieve great results utilizing EMDR, energy healing and mindfulness techniques.


    Her philosophy:

    You are able to connect with yourself and 'come home' to your authentic self and find authentic self-expression of this strength. She believes that you can connect with this strength and with your community in ways that serve your highest good. You have a path that will support your transformation.

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    Jacob Enns has been inviting those around him to see how "Amazing!" they are for many years. He is strongly influenced by Positive Psychology and Solution Focused Therapies that honour the strengths and resources within the person. Jacob supports individuals in expressing their unique self.


    His philosophy:

    If you are human you are starting off with amazing skills and attributes. You can laugh and smile, be sad and feel joy.


    As human you can imagine, dream, love yourself and others. You can think of new ideas and communicate them with someone else. You can appreciate beauty and even create it.


    Utilizing creative tools of self discovery and expression Jacob supports clients to reach their goals and objectives.

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    Couple Counselling

    Linda and Jacob together are committed to building and supporting conscious relationships.


    They support self discovery and expression through communication techniques, and innovative body and breath awareness.


    They create opportunity and the space for relationships to evolve with authenticity.



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    family, community, the world

    As humans we all need and long for meaningful connections.


    With meaningful connections the discoveries and choices we make in our own journey make sense and develop expression.


    With meaningful connections we can give the gifts we intrinsically possess for the good of ourselves and the planet.


    With meaningful connections we can receive the gifts of others creating sustainable community.


    Linda and Jacob strive to build this sense of connection in all we do.


    Come and see what connections to yourself and the world are possible.

  • Our Core Values

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    Speaking your unarguable truth 


    Authentic communication

    Commitment to your own development and the development of others

    Respectful love

    Conscious parenting

    Connection to nature

    Honoring the children

    Honoring the planet




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    Speaking your unarguable truth 


    Authentic communication

    Commitment to your own development and the development of others

    Respectful love

    Conscious parenting

    Connection to nature

    Honoring the children

    Honoring the planet




  • Fee Schedule


    Free - Phone Consultation (15 minute session)


    $150- Individuals (60 minute session)


    $150 - Couples (60 minute session)


    Additional time and/or services may be requested




    We are committed to promoting change in the world with effective and affordable sessions for everyone


    If you are ready for change and you want to work with us, then talk to us.


    We believe in paying it forward and can, if necessary, implement a sliding scale for all services.


  • The Transformative Blog

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    Working in the Greater Victoria area on beautiful Vancouver Island.

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    Phone: 250-661-0456

    Email: Linda@transformativecounsellingandcoaching.com



    Zoom, Skype, and Messenger video sessions also available.




    Victoria, British Columbia


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